what could be the fastest processor that i can put to my GA-945GCM-S2L mother board??
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  1. CPU support list is here...

    Looks like she'll take anything up to and including a QX9770, but they're awfully pricey!
  2. ahhh.. thanks man.... i think i will chose the E7500. but if i change my processor i will also update my BOIS??
  3. You should update the BIOS to its most current version to ensure maximum compatibility. Good luck.
  4. how can i update my BIOS??? im sorry because im really a newbie about computer...
  5. If after you verify the version you have (you may already have the current BIOS running) installed with CPU-Z ( to the Gigabyte website at the following link:

    Download the most current version from the location closest to you. Don't use the beta version in your situation (newbie).

    Save the file and run from your PC. Should do the trick.

    CPU-Z will run a small program to identify your system, including the BIOS version installed. If you need the current version, just download and install. Links above will get you there. Good luck!
  6. Excellent BIOS flashing tutorial here...

    Aaaccckkk! Mislead you earlier - must have been half-awake, plus page is in an older, unfamiliar format - most of the quads are not supported - have an 'n/a' where the 'BIOS required' listing is; you're good for the E7500, though - requires BIOS F8b, available here...
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