NVIDIA nForce Networking controller ?

What does this do? Norton says it is on my machine, but is disabled. Should I allow Norton to enable?
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  1. If your internet connection isn't working then yes.
  2. It controls all of your network connectivity. If it's not enabled, your computer cannot connect to any other computers (locally - in your own network, or on the internet). If you don't, your computer will still work, but you won't be able to connect with anything/anyone over the wire.
  3. Is this machine the one you are using to post this question? Some motherboards have 2 network controllers. If everything is working fine with your internet connection, then just leave this alone.
  4. Good point jitpublisher - I have an nvidia board that has two NICs, so I probably should have thought of that too.
  5. Do not let the Nvidia network management software control your network cards. You will be inviting unimaginable pain if you are dealing with a Nforce 7xx series board.
  6. jitpublisher and roofus seem most logical. However, when I get remote service from a tech should it be enabled?
    I am a very old man who is a tech moron so I appreciate any help I can get.
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    No. About the only value it has is it allows you to team your network connections. It is strictly a redundancy feature. I would leave it disabled as it has no value beyond that.
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