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Cryostasis Hardware Upgrades

Last response: in Systems
December 13, 2009 1:08:19 PM

Hello, I have currently upgraded my system, but I am ultimately looking to play Cryostasis to the full extremity. I have read the Tom's article, and it specifically states that only the best of computers can play that game.

BUDGET RANGE: (2,000) Before Rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, CD-Rom Drive, Case)

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: (United States)

PARTS OWNED (the keepers):
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 955 3.2GHz (125W) []
RAM: G. Skill DDR3 1600 []
HARD DRIVE: Western Digital 500GB

PARTS PREFERENCES (the upgrades):
Motherboard: Upgrade to ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe
Graphics Card: Upgrade to Radeon HD 5970 (Hemlock); EVGA GTS 240
COOLING: Unsure. I prefer the coldest method possible for CPU only.
PSU: Looking for 1,000 to 1,500. Only what I would need. Nothing more.
OS: Windows 7 64-Bit. To use nVidia, ATI combination driver.



Conclusion: I am unsure of how many ATI Cards I will need. I would also like to have the link to the Windows 7 ATI/nVIDIA Hardware Linkage driver, if anyone has it.

Thank you for taking the time to help. Greatly appreciated
December 13, 2009 5:59:08 PM

if you want to play cryrostasis to the extreme, then you really only need the 5870, beacuase a gtx 295 can max it out at 1920x1200, and 1 5870= a little better than a 295. Also you will want the 955 highly overclocked using a water cooling system like Swiftech H20-220. that plus 8 gigs of ram and a decent hdd set up should max it out for you. RAID 0 and 1 might be a good idea if you are willing to spend the money
December 13, 2009 6:14:55 PM

My friend has a GTX 295 and offered to sell it to me for $400. However, since Cryostasis relies heavily on Physx and the new DX11 ATI cards are more futuristic, I thought that going to an ATI 5970 and nVidia GTS 240 (for physx) would do pretty a smarter choice. However, he has an i7 920, 16GB RAM, a GTX 295, a GTS 240(physx), and he only gets ROUGHLY 30 FPS.

I briefly saw the driver for Windows 7 that would allow ATI and nVidia hardware components to internact so that an ATI card could work with nVidia to use Physx. Thought that this might be a go-to.

Your thoughts?
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December 13, 2009 6:42:51 PM

NORMALLY ati and nvidia dont play nice together, so 5970 and gts240 is way overdoing it, but if you want to take the risk, a 5870 and a 240 might work. I have never seen any driver or motherboard though that can do ati and nvidia so u might want to choose just one.

Best solution

December 13, 2009 7:08:28 PM

That 5970 will outperform any card but it won't do PhysX and that's Cryostasis "raison d'etre. " You can get 30+ fps w/ PhysX ON the GPU w/ just a pair of 9800's. As described on the Firingsquad review, best fps they got on any ATI card was 11 because the PhysX component gets offloaded to the CPU ..... so a 5970 and 5870 will just get you the 11 fps because that's the limit of the CPU they tested with (Intel 920 at 3.3 GHz). Your will do better or worse depoending oin how it stacks up with the 920 @ 3.3 Ghz.

As far as the 5870 being a better performer than a 295, well, even with PhysX outta the picture THG writes:,24...

"Despite ATI's new Radeon HD 5970 taking its place as the fastest graphics card on the planet, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 295 (with SLI-on-a-board) remains an extremely powerful graphics card. Essentially two conjoined GeForce GTX 275s, the GeForce GTX 295 offers very notable gains over a single Radeon HD 5870 in the great majority of game titles, although the Radeon will use far less power doing so. The GeForce GTX 295 does have an advantage in that it it still quite easy to find and purchase. Moreover, ATI's release has forced prices on these cards down by a significant chunk."

With PhysX in the picture same ole 11 fps. OTOH, a GTX 295 will play this game very well. Spending $465 for the GTX 295 has to be given in depth consideration however if you are planning to live with this card for a number of years. You won't miss DX11 by Xmas 2010 but , if it has the effect we all hope, come XMas 2011 it may give you a case of buyers remorse if you expected to get more than 2 years out of it.

The 5970 @ $625 will eat up a nice part of your budget....let's take a look at the "best in price range" options for a minute from this month's THG roundup,24...

Best Graphics Cards For The Money: December '09

$50 - HD 4650
$65 - HD 4670 / 9600 GSO
$85 - 9600 GT
$95 - 9600 GT / HD 4830
$110 - GTS 250 512 MB
$120 - GTS 250 1 GB
$155 - HD 5770 / GTX 260
$200 - HD 4890
$240 - 2 x GTS 250
$310 - No winner (HD 5850 Honorable Mention)
$330 - 2 x GTX 260 / 2 x HD 5770
$400 - 2 x HD 4890
$410 - No winner (HD 5870 Honorable Mention)
$465 - No winner (GTX 295 Honorable Mention)
$625 - No winner (HD 5970 Honorable Mention)

Any of the Xfire solutions are out since your board only does SLI.

The easiest choice is the 295 as it will be more than enough for PhysX in the game you wanna play, Batman or any other, subject to the qualifiers above.

I'd look at the 260 for the dedicated PhysX card and any single card on the above list higher than that for the main GPU.

Two GTX 260's, assuming you can find them for the above price is a good choice as you could either run them in SLI or as a primary and PhysX card.

Just a note, I'm not quite sure of the nVidia nForce 780a SLI chip introduces any limitations with regard to mixed video card vendors as I am only familiar with it on X58 platforms

As far as the patch, that allows this under Win7:
December 13, 2009 7:23:35 PM

the 295 is a good choice, but you might want to look into a sli of GIGABYTE GV-N275SO-18I GeForce GTX 275 1792MB, because it does physx, and is suppose to out perform the a standard 285 by 3%, and 2 285's outperform the 295 by about 5-7% so yea. It also might be cheaper depending what 295 you get.
December 13, 2009 7:32:53 PM

Alright. Thank you for that bit of information, it was very helpful.

I'm thinking..
1 GTX 295
1 GTX 260

Any suggestions on some good CPU coolers? I'm wanting to get a little bit more CPU performance to boost some FPS.
Also, how much power would I need to drive those two cards? (GTX 295 GPU, GTX 260 PPU)

EDIT: The GTX 295 that my friend has for sale is the Co-Op FTW Edition (Fan in the middle). He's selling it for $400. I'll most likely just get that on Friday, then the PhysX on Christmas.
December 13, 2009 7:40:39 PM

first, do you want to go water cooled. second, you would probably need a 1000 watt psu. Corsair, silverstone, enermax, ocz are all good choices. If you have a capable motherboard, then 3 285's would kill that system and be much easier to manage (the 260 with a 295 might makes some things confussing).
December 14, 2009 2:48:11 AM

My suggestion....try it w/ the 295 ... then if ya think ya need it do the 260.

The firngsquad review for example did 34 fps with two 9800's.....the 295 is waaaay waaay faster.

With 295's getting rare and the twin 260's at $330, seems like a very compelling choice.