My other hard drive won't boot

My hard drive won't boot when I boot from it but I can boot normally from my other hard drive and I can see the OS from the hard drive that won't boot and use that OS. I already re formatted the hard drive that won't boot and installed Windows 7 but still I can't boot in this hard drive.
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  1. Could you try to explain your current setup and what you're trying to achieve? When you installed Windows 7, was the bootable drive installed? Do you want to be able to boot from the drive where you installed Windows 7 without having the other drive in the system?
  2. There are two hard drive, the 500gb one can't boot by itself and the 150gb can boot fine. Yes, the bootable drive is installed when I reformatted the 500gb and installed windows 7. Yeah, I want to be able to boot with the 500gb because my father will use the 150gb HD on the old PC.
  3. Then you need to remove or disconnect the 150 GB and install or repair Windows 7. Otherwise, the 150 GB will always be required to boot.
  4. Okay sorry,I am running windows Xp on two hard drives,One is 80gb and the one I`m having the problems with is 40gb have removed the trojan with malwarebytes but now when I try to boot windows from the drive my keyboard won`t work so I can`t select the menu option for that drive! It`s driving me nuts as I have documents on there I need.
  5. If you can boot from the 80GB drive, then you should be able to retrieve documents from the 40GB drive.
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