Should I Upgrade or Not?

I have had my current set up for three years now and I the only upgrade I have done is change the graphics card from the Nvidia 8800 GTX to the Nvidia 285 GTX and add Windows 7.

My current system looks like this

Intel Dual Core X6800 2.93
Windows 7
900 PSU
ASUS P5N32-E SLI N 680i
3gb DDR 2 Memory
500 Hard Drive

I use my system to play games and I dual box on EQ2, so I have one game running behind the other game. When I do this is slows it down a bit but of late it has really struggled to run both and my FPS run down to about 12.

I was thinking of bullding either one of these systems but I am wondering if I will see a significant difference or will the changes be small? Anyone out there who would have an opinion on this?

Intel i5
Corsair XMS3 DDR3 - 1333 MHZ
800 PSU
Windows 7
ITB Hard Drive 7.200 rm with 16 cache


AMD Phenom II X4 965
ASUS M4A79 - T Deluxe
Windows 7
Corsair XMS3 DDR3 - 1333 MHZ
800 PSU
Windows 7
ITB Hard Drive 7.200 rm with 16 cache
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  1. For one, I have the AMD 955 and i can't max it out, my 8 gigs of 1600 MHz RAM or my 4890 gives out first, so i can highly reccomend the 955 or the 965. Also, yes you will see a fairly large difference in performance by upgrading. If you really want a great machine, unless you really need it, i would get a 640 Gb hdd from WD instead of the 1 Tb, and instead spend the money on a 5870 or 5850. 8 gigs of RAM is plenty and 4 is also probably enough, and to save money if you are buying from newegg, i would recommend the G.Skill Ripjaws 1333 MHz 7-7-7-20 RAM as it is better, reputable (not that Corsair isn't) and cheaper. Good luck!
  2. You should upgrade to either of those builds. You will see a pretty big difference. I would drop to a 955 as all the 965 is a tweaked 955. They OC just the same and the 955 is less expensive and consumes less power.

    You will be fine with 4GB of RAM and a 750W power supply.
  3. Yea +1 to what BohleyK said. I have a 955 and the 965 is just a little bit overclocked version. The 955 is so easy to overclock theres no point in spending the extra money, just like the i7 965 and 975, just a money making scheme. Also, a fast 4 gigs of RAM is plenty and 8 is not really needed.
  4. Also, highly recommend the OCZ Z-Series OCZZ650 650W. GREAT psu, and more than enough wattage at a great low price from newegg (109.99$)
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