Is it okay to turn off Firewall to allow my friends to play minecraft


Until 2 days ago I was using Hamachi to host a minecraft server without issues. After the recent windows updates, it turns out that my friends (like 8 of them) cannot log onto my minecraft server anymore.

The only way for them to connect is if I turn off the firewall completely.

Adding exceptions is not working for some reason so I'm not sure what to do...

Is it safe to leave the firewall disabled?

I'm on campus connected thru the college internet via an ethernet port in my room. I'm connected via my router... my friend (IT major) said it would not matter if I turned off the firewall because I'm connected through my router and have WPA2 encryption... I'm a CS major but I am really iffy when it comes to these things... is he right?

Would I be safe turning off firewall? Also if it is unsafe is there a way to run the server without turning off the firewall? windows wont let me allow hamachi and minecraft inbound connections =/
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  1. You could make a rule for each friend that there IP is allowed to bypass the firewall when turned on.

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  2. How do I do that?
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