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I have a ga-m61p-s3 mother board running windows xp sp4 and i can not get my audio to work. My driver disk says i have the drivers installed, but "sound, speech, and audio devices" in control panel says that there are no audio devices. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it with no luck. I would appreciate any help you guys could give me.

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  1. I have tried installing the updated driver from the site you provided me. The driver installed fine, but sound is still not recognized
  2. I always get all my drivers (both LAN and CODEC [sound...]) directly from RealTek, on the theory that that way, I know GB has not 'fiddled with' 'em! GB makes great hardware - IMHO, software team is pretty much 'out to lunch' :kaola: RealTek HD audio drivers' latest rev, 2.49 is here...

    Few things to check:

    Have you opened Device Manager to see what it 'thinks' about the situation? All 'happy', no yellow 'warning signs' with exclamation points in them?

    Have you tried doing a dxdiag? You can do this by simply opening 'run' and typing 'dxdiag' (no quotes) followed by the <ENTER> key...

    How are you 'hooked up'? Speakers to the rear ports? How many? headphones in front? Gotta have some more info before I post some screen shots of the audio setup and its available options...
  3. I uninstalled my previous driver, then i installed the driver with the realtek link you provided, i still have no sound. When i ran dxdiag, under the "sound" tab it says "No sound card was found. If one is expected, you should install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer." I know i have a sound card built in. In device manager there are no yellow exclamation points. There are 6 audio ports on the back of my computer. The built in sound is a 7.1 channel surround card. Any further help would be very much appreciated.

  4. What OS are you running? Do you have the little 'speaker thingy' (circled in yellow) in the right-hand corner of your taskbar?
  5. I am running windows xp sp3. I do not see the speaker logo on my taskbar. The drivers say they are installed, but the computer acts as if they are not. :pt1cable:
  6. As a general rule, I do not like registry/driver cleaners, unless they came from the maker of the driver/s'ware I'm trying to 'rid myself of', but I think you've got a situation that calls for desperate measures... I'd give a try to Driver Sweeper here at Guru3D, as it specifically has a module to do RealTek audio drivers. I'm thinking you have a 'stuck peice' of a driver, most likely one that was 'personalized' by GB :fou: That's why I never load GB's drivers for any other manufacturer's hardware - I like to get 'em from the manufacturer, 'unadulterated'! Do the 'clean', reboot, and then try the RT driver install again - if you're not getting the speaker, your driver is not registering correctly...
  7. I tried uninstalling my drivers, restarting the computer, running the driver sweeper, then reinstalling the driver. I still do not have any audio :( If you can think of anything else to try to fix the problem other than formatting my harddrive (for the fifth time) please let me know

  8. Problem solved! After i did what i said in the previous post, i looked at my device manager and saw that i had yellow exclamation marks, i clicked automatic fix, and reinstalled my audio driver. It works perfect now. Thanks you very much to bilbat for all your help!!! You rock!
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