5850 or 5870

hey guys.

which gpu should i get so i can play games at max settings at 1920x1200?
i can get a 5850 (oem) or a 5870(oem), but i need to do it quick b4 they go out of stock again.

i like to play RPGs mostly.

i have :
i5 cpu
asus maximus iii gene mobo
4gb (2x2gb) corsair dominators DDR3 at 8-8-8-24 latency at 1600 mHz
30gb OCZ vertex ssd
4 standard HDDs for storage, etc... (and i run games off 1 of those harddrives)
samsung t240 24" monitor
currently have sapphire 4890 1gb

i have 4 120mm fans spinning at low speed b/c i find that the graphic card i have currently seems to get a bit hot when i'm just using the internet or something (at 59degrees)
i think the 5870 has a better cooler than the 5850.

let me know what u guys think
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  1. Considering you already have a 4890 which is a very capable card I would go with a 5870. You would see a bigger increase in performance and it would feel like more of a worth while upgrade.
  2. ok. i figured. tho the 5870 is like $150 more than a 5850. there's not too much difference btw either really. (at the res i play anyways)
  3. if you have the money go for a 5870
  4. how about another 4890?
    save some cash, and get about the same performance
  5. Reading this:


    I don’t recommend upgrading your graphics card unless the replacement card is at least three tiers higher. Otherwise, the upgrade is somewhat parallel and you may not notice a worthwhile difference in performance.

    Your 4890 is on tier 5......using THG's rule of "3" leaves you with 3 choices

    Tier 1 = HD 5970 (4 tiers up) - $625
    Tier 2 = GTX 295 / HD 4870 X2 (3 tiers up) - $465
    Tier 3 = HD 5870 (2 tiers up) - $410

    Again, he says "may not notice......so 2 tiers might be worthy enough if you really wanna upgrade.

    There's also a 2nd 4890 as a choice ....http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-310-5970,2491-6.html and at $184, seems a very sound option tho in that board Xfire would be at 8 x 8.


    a couple Radeon HD 4890s will easily beat a single Radeon HD 5870 in the titles that matter today (perhaps this will change when DirectX 11 software becomes more pervasive). From a raw price/performance standpoint, this makes the Radeon HD 5870 a hard sell

    But if I was you, I'd wait till post XMas when the non reference designs are in full swing as I expect those will boost things 15-20%. Ina ddition, hopefully, chip yields will get better and prices will drop.....and nVidia may have something out which also could help drive down prices.
  6. otherwise the obvious solution would be 5870, because that's the strongest
  7. ya. i guess i'll get a 5870
    xfire makes my system way too hot
  8. The 5870 runs cool too. HF with that beast. :) And you'll be able to get a 2nd one too in time, 8x should be ok even with 5870s. Single should do you good for a while at your resolution though.
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