2 Problems after upgrading graphics card

My new Graphics card: Galaxy 250 GTS 512MB
Overclocking? No, not atm. Tested and happens under-clocked and super-clocked
Latest drivers: Yes! For both graphics card and Motherboard!

1. When I play games, the screen sorta has flickering, dull lines on it. SUPER annoying!
2. On-screen text is sorta "dull". It looks like your one level below the highest resolution or you just installed windows 7 and your graphic card has no drivers. Its not at 800x600, but its at something around 1070x726 or something like that. But I'm running at a native resolution.

I still get extremely good FPS. Left 4 Dead 2: Highest resolution, extremely high quality, 16xAA, 16xAF, 60 FPS average.

My PSU is 700W

Temperatures are great! It has NOTHING to do with heating issues. Ive never gone over 65C, even when Im super-clocked playing Crysis in the highest resolution and very high everything!

What could be the problems here?

My full Specs:
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  1. I would take the card back, or RMA it. Something must be wrong with it.
    It is essentially a rebranded and overclocked 9800GTX, which has been around for some time now, so there should be no bugs or issues with drivers.
  2. I think im going to try installing Windows XP on another partition and see if the problem is still their...
    99% sure its a DRIVER problem!
  3. Re-installed on another partition.
    The text problem is still not fixed. But easy to ignore.
    Couldent test the dull lines problem, it only happens in-game (mostly when you have xfire chat open during a game) or are in a dark room in Fallout 3.

  4. seems just like a monitor issue, what's your refresh rate set at?
  5. 60
    VGA output.
    Just got done playing modern warfare 2..No problems unless if I open Steam or xfire. Then the sorta dull lines show up. Pretty annoying and would like to get rid of them!
  6. can it get to 75hz?

    if it does then put it at that, if 60 is the max then RMA the card.
  7. Im using VGA and VGA limits it to 60Mhz.

    It will go into 75Mhz for sure but I have no DVI connector!
  8. galaxy - iv seen that sort of issue before with them and a few other cheap crap generics - take it back and get another brand video card.

    I do not believe its a vsync or refresh rate issue - the last galaxy cards i worked on did this.
  9. I cant take it back!
    I already sent in my mail and rebate!
    I got this card for $75 at tiger direct!
  10. i have a vga monitor running on an ancient p4 machine that i use as a workstation, which has a 8mb trident blade3d as graphics card, and the old monitor i'm running with it is set to 75HZ! VGA does not limit the refresh rate to 60.

    when the monitor is set to 60 (it's set to 60 by default) it looks ugly and some dull lines show up too, i put it to 75 and it looks perfect back again.
  11. I just checked every PC and Laptop in my house and their all at 60mhz and have NO option for 75mhz!
    And 2 have a 20 inch HD monitor!
  12. hmmm.... you're screwed.

    try putting the 9600gt on other system and see if the same thing happens, if it does then you'll just have to buy another card.
  13. Its a 250 GTS.

    And its not that annoying. I was just wondering if their is a fix! The flickering never happens outside of a game! Just mostly with xfire/steam open during a game OR in Fallout 3 in a dark dungeon.

    Im pretty sure Vsync or something like that has FIXED this in prototype. Nothing is annoying their.

    And this card has SUPER good cooling. I can super-clock and max Crysis for a hour. No problems!
  14. Ahh I just fixed all my problems in 5 seconds...
    Nice little $75 card!
    Havent tested the lines problem in games...I will now!

  15. knew it was the monitor, good luck!
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