Benchmark comparisons - best/worst now color coded

If you have Firefox and use Greasemonkey, you can use this script I made to color the best scores green and the worst scores red. It's really useful for comparing multiple products.
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  1. Good work
  2. Thanks... I made some bug fixes to the script.

    Bug 1: Including jQuery disabled paging (more than 5 or so items).
    Fix: Remove paging and show all products, resize page width to fit all products.

    Bug 2: Highest value was BEST for Watts, dBA, Degrees, milliseconds.
    Fix: Highest value is now WORST for those measurements.

    Bug 3: Not working on some pc's because check for "prod[" in query string should be checking for "prod%5B" depending on installed plugins.
    Fix: Check for either.
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