Safe Sapphire Radeon 7850 OCs?

i5-3570k (Not clocked yet)
8gb Ram
HAF 212+ and three other fans, 31c at rest, not sure under load yet.

What are some safe OC/Voltage for this card? I bought the none OC edition so what's the OC editions clocks?
Will it shorten the lifespan?
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  1. Also I have a i5-3570k that has the 4000 gpu integrated. When I get the 7850 do I have to do anything extra other then just plug it in? I saw someone else saying they had to disable the 4000
  2. The intel graphics will disable itself when u have the 7850 installed. Also the only thing u need probably beforehand is the drivers and some ocing software i recommend asus tweak to adjust the voltages and sapphire trixx to change the clocks since asus holds you at 1050 . Also get gpu z to monior ur temps and clocks.

    Right now i have a his 7850 so you would get better temps than me but my clocks are 1150 for core and 1300 for memory clock

    and i never go higher than 65 c .
    That is a huge jump with stock i get 30 fps with bf3 maxed and when oced i get around 45 avg

    Also don't be afraid to turn up the fan speed .

    oh yeah for voltage im not a expert in this but i increased it to 1148 just so i get allitle bit more power to the card also it is good to increase the board power limit to max too.
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