MY Burner will not burn a DVD (DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS)

I can not get my DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS drive to burn DVD.

I have tired DVD-R and DVD+R, and non are working.

The drive can not detect the dvd discs in the drives and it will just open up the tray and shoot me a message, "Please load Disc."

I tried: Nero 9, Nero 10 and Roxio 10; non of thses will make a DVD for me.

my firm ware is the 1.4v or 1.04v.

any idea?

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  1. Is this a new install?
  2. Installed since oct 10'. Burned many disc before this time around.
  3. Uninstall from device manager then reboot!
  4. I uninstalled from device manager. Rebooted the system. Powered on and waited for driver to install. Tried it to burn the DVD using both DVD-r and DVD+r. Nothing still. Disc tray says it is empty...
  5. could be dirt on lens try a little bit of compressed air
  6. ^ if dirt was te case then the eR wouldn't read any disc at all. I can read disc that are already have data on it(DVD and cd disc)

    Thanks for the idea but I'm going to rule out the dirty eye factor.
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