IMac Intel 24-inch Aluminium 12.7mm PATA SuperDrive 8X

Hi there my superdrive is gone in imac 24" aluminium 2.4ghz and i'm looking for repleacement .What is the best option for me ,the original is to
expensive (£ 125) is there a cheaper option please help :cry:

this is the original (the expensive one);

thank you for help.............................................
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  1. I'm pretty sure there would be no other option with the mac. Internal that is. I suppose you could purchase an external USB cd/dvd drive. You'll just have to make sure it is compatible with the mac.
  2. I have found another one ,bit cheaper i thing that will do ! i dont see another option like you said
  3. Glad you found a better price. I meant something like this:
  4. thank you for replay ,the external looks nice good price but i don't want external, because i build my self nice HTPC .I just want the iMac ,nice and without "extra" wires.
    i think you know what i mean.
    The problem is ,i hope them what i found will fit........ :ange:
  5. i mean the HTPC will be used as main burner......
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