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Ive had my new system up and running for almost 3 weeks now. And when I have the H100 on the lowest fan settings I can hear a definate clicking coming from the pump. Is this normal? The reason I as is, it just started making that noise this week. and I hope its not the pump bearings or something going out.

I have to leave my fans at the medium setting as the ticking just about drives me nuts.

Thanks guys,

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  1. Tilt the case back and forth while you have the system running, it sounds like an air bubble.
  2. Thanks Ill give it a try tomorrow. Its just an annoying ticking sound. hopefully that will fix it.

    Ill post if that fixes it.
  3. Sounds like the H100 curse to me, its documented on the net and Corsair are replacing noisy pumps, contact customer service if you think yours is defective
  4. i had 6-7 Corsair H100's, rma'ed like 4 of them, 3 of them still make loud noises from the pump.

    The Rasa 750 RS360 is even more quiet, and it's like 3x larger if you count the reservoir lol.
  5. ^I advise the Xspc EX series if space is a problem, or the RX if you have room, but yes, real water is way better obviously
  6. What about the Swiftech products? they look really nice.
  7. Most of Swiftech's gear is typically pretty solid. Some might argue that much of it's very pedestrian in design, but that's mostly personal opinion.

    It's up there with several other manufacturers that are trusted for good design, reliability and performance. (EK, XSPC, AquaComputer, Koolance, HeatKiller, DangerDen, Phobya, etc)
  8. I was looking at some of the XSPC stuff last nite. It some great looking pieces
  9. They make solid gear, the only reason I advise against the Rs series is that the Ex is the same price and much better, although at the slight cost of faster fans (usually noisier unless your fans are silent/well maintained)
    I use mostly Xspc gear with some EK Copper blocks and a couple of extra resses from FrozenQ,
    if you are interested in going wet, draw up a budget and we'll see whats possible
  10. I was shopping around last nite and came to about $350.00. I figure if Im going to do it, I might as well do it right the first time.

    Something else I realized also is by building it your self, you are not limited to the few configurations like you are with the Corsair unit.

    What about pump/tank combos verses separate units?
  11. I have no preferences over respump or separate res although I use two Xspc 750 respump combo's in my own loop, the D5 versions they do are nice and if I was starting out I'd probably go for a D5 or DDC pump
    If you are going to go for it, then check out the sticky up top for some guidelines like how to calculate Tdp, why aluminium is bad and other hot issues :-)
    Decide on a max budget and we'll go from there
  12. Pricey for a CPU-only loop.
  13. Depends on what shinies he picked out though Rubix, phobya 1080, couple of T-Viruses, gold block, goodbye budget hehe :-)
  14. I agree- I'm quite confident that I could piece together all sorts of goodies for a well-priced (read: extravagantly accessorized) shopping cart bonanza, but as it stands now...I'm the one paying so I opt for more frugal choices or save up my clams.
  15. rubix_1011 said:
    Pricey for a CPU-only loop.

    About 320 for my loop. :/
  16. Again, Like i said If im going to do it Ill go ahead and get the best i can now. Ididnt skimp on my system so why on W/cooling. I did however find out today my corsair h100 is not whats causing the ticking noise. Its actually the fans attached to my case fan controller. Im quessing it regulates the fan speed by cutting the power on and off many times a second and thats what im hearing. I figured it would control the speed by Raising or lowerering the voltage or pulse width.

    Im new at building computers, so I dont know any different unless Im told or read it somewhere.

    Im going to go back on frozen cpu and get me a cart together and see what it comes out to andthe run it by you guys.

    Thanks very much for the help.
  17. Aah, lfs, or loose fan syndrome :-)
    Get into the habit of gently pushing the fanblades onto the housings periodically to make sure they are sat on the bearings correctly,
    Np on the water front though, we're always glad to help/advise/steer in the right direction :-)
    *edit, try some other sites as well, Frozen is a tad expensive anyway iirc
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    FrozenCPU is a bit more expensive than most, but typically has a larger selection of more components.
  19. Frozen CPU was a site listed by XSPC. So I haven't looked anywhere else. Going to try to tonite.
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  21. What are some good sites I should check out here in the USA?
  22. Petra's tech shop, jabtech, frozenQ, my list of US sites is somewhat lacking sorry :)
    **copied from another thread,
    hope this helps
  23. I have several vendors listed in the watercooling sticky towards the bottom.
  24. is a good place too :)
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