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I just did a complete wipe and reinstall on an older Dell with a Windows XP home edition version 2002 disc. I now can't get it to update to a newer version of XP and nothing works with this older version. Where can I find an update or a newer service pack or something? Thanks!
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  1. Thanks Emerald, but that doesn't work. I can't get SP1, SP1a, or SP2 to install. SP1 won't connect with the server to download and SP2 keeps telling me the file is corrupt.
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Use the system from which you're posting to create a slipstream of your XP Home CD and the latest Service Pack which is number 3. I believe it can go straight there without bothering to put the earlier packs in. Carefully follow the directions Paul Thurrot describes in his Supersite for Windows Tutorial on slipstreaming which effectively just merges the old system with the Pack and brings it up to date. Here's a link:-

    That said, there are nearly 140 subsequent Hotfixes, updates and Security patches which have come out since SP3 and you'll need those as well.

    Obviously, you'll have to get the drivers from the Dell website, at least for the ethernet adapter so you can download the others directly because you can update anything.

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  4. Thanks Saga Lout; that worked. I think I saw somewhere that you couldn't go directly to SP3 from the version I had, so I didn't attempt that for fear of further delay. I slipstreamed my version to SP2 and it worked like a charm.
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