Graphics card upgrade advice needed please

Hi all, I am currently contemplaiting upgrading my sucky 8400gs to a 9800gt eco version. The 8400 currently occupies the PCI-e slot on the motherboard and have taken the side of my case to see the PSU and it reads as a Liteon with 300W output. my pc spec is compaq presario intel duo 2.33 GHz with 2GB RAM DDR2. I have read a few forums with people saying they have had the 9800gt working on PSU as low as 250W but I am also concerned about the space inside, the 8400GS was around 7 inches long but there was about 4 inches of room towards the HD at a push! I wont be pushing the card only wish to run modern games smoothly on a 19" monitor. If the card is a no go could anyone suggest an alternative? many thanks!

Full spec if it helps
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  1. Don't know about power and specs, but I can run crysis on medium settings, 1440 by 900 with a 2.1 G phenom x3 and a 9600 gt.
  2. Rather hasty post above. Let me make it clear that my setup is highly cpu limited. I panicked when an old computer died (it revived with a new psu) and bought parts without adequate research. I get a 13-14% increase in aquamark score with a 14-15% pure HT overclock (which also speeds up my DDR2-800 ram). Based on my experience, that card should be fine, but I don't have a whole lot of that experience so if one of the regulars has a better idea, go with him.
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