HIS 7970 IceQ X2 Turbo modification

My friend's 7970's dual fans died unexpectedly. He still has warranty, but he also has four thick AC 85mm (3000 or 5000 RPM) centrifugal fans lying around.

What he was thinking is have an intake and exhaust fan, and strategically place 3mm thick aluminum sheets to force all of the air to move through the heatsink and prevent hot air from spilling back into the case. The modification would make the GPU a triple slot.

He told me if it goes well, he might buy a second GPU (preferably with dead fans for lower price) for CrossFire and repeat the modification.

Three questions. Would such setup work? And what would be the cooling (and noise) performance?

Should it work, what would happen if he had four of those centrifugal fans spinning in his case?
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  1. I like this idea :-)
    Yes it would work if he seals the inside of the 'shroud' he makes, preventing airloss so it only enters and leaves where he wants it to
    I'd think 3-5k fans would be a bit loud full blast but hopefully his card would control them and throttle them down when not required
    And I don't foresee any issues having four or more of any kind of fans in a case, a lot of cards have two or even three fans each these days
  2. The only issue is that the fans are AC and lack any controls, so they will run at full speed, and require more intake fans because of their combined CFM. We could build a manual device to reduce wattage/voltage to the fans, but I'm not sure if its going to damage them. He's thinking about buying soundproofing sheets after doing a test run with four of the fans inside the case (not attached to the GPU).

    I suggested to him that he should build a thick wooden case with ventilation with the much smaller computer case located inside to absorb the noise since I doubt the soundproofing sheets alone are going to help.

    If he gets the mod working, what cooling/OCing potential would the 7970s have?
  3. Do you have a pic of them?
    More specifically a label would help, we can figure out the Cfm and if possible what kind of current reduction we can use,
    the slower you spin them the quieter they will be though
    once we can figure how good the fans are we can gauge the cooling power, but remember clocking isn't just limited by cooling, the chips will probably have different potential as well
  4. I don't have a picture of them nor do they have labels (my friend relied on his foggy memory).

    However, he did tape some pieces of paper (on one end) to the floor and did a test comparing one of the fans to a Delta TFB0912UHE 92x38mm Ultra High Speed (142.20 CFM, 6000 RPM). Both fans disturbed the same number of pieces of paper with similar intensity.
  5. 6K is a potentially loud fan, four might be neighbour bait hehe :)
    but a 150Cfm fan is likely to perform reasonably well even at lower speeds, I think the approach here should be
    make one shroud up with one fan on it, and another with two on,
    devise a solid,controllable test to guage/measure airflow and temperatures and see which is most effective, it may be that one fan is more than enough to get the cooling you want/need,
    but some experimentation/labwork is in order I think
  6. He decided to RMA the card just in case of the mod fails so he has something to fall back on. I won't be able to get the pictures of it until like next week or so.

    I also noticed that he has some large pieces of soft foam, and he placed an order for a USB hub and two Delta TFB1212GHE 120x38mm Extreme High Speed fans (example of how loud they are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyMUddH0qzY ). I doubt he's going to use only one centrifugal fan per GPU even if it's less noisy with similar cooling. Typical computer enthusiasts with a little too much money to spend.

    I think he plans on sticking the computer in his closet and positioning the foam pieces so the noise doesn't directly enter his room.

    Just an off-topic question, would such cooling setup also handle the 7990 or 690 easily (ignoring the noise)?
  7. I question the hiding it in a cupboard part,
    airflow for one, reverberation secondly may be a further issue depending on the cupboards size, even with foam
    noise no issue, I reckon those fans could cool anything with correct direction of flow yes :)
  8. Overkill, Pfft,
    the mans pushing boundaries :)
  9. Motopsychojdn said:
    I question the hiding it in a cupboard part,
    airflow for one, reverberation secondly may be a further issue depending on the cupboards size, even with foam
    noise no issue, I reckon those fans could cool anything with correct direction of flow yes :)

    The closet is around 3x3 feet (height is same as the room).
  10. If theres some sort of extraction to outside from there then fine, if not then thats a small area to put a hot Pc in with no fresh cool air,
    After about 20 minutes you would just be recirculating heated air, and then it doesn't matter how many fans you have, he'll hit problems
  11. I was thinking he was going to put it in a closet with the door open (foam blocking direct line of sight from the room to the computer to reduce noise from the front fan), but his plan is a modified headphone, with lots of foam on it.

    I can't wait to take a picture of him gaming with two chunks of foam hanging off the side of his head...
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