Pump/Resevoir > CPU Waterblock > Radiator > Pump/Resevoir


Radiator > CPU Waterblock > Pump/Resevoir > Radiator > ???

Which would be better & Why?


Right now im using Reverse Osmosis Water, no kill coil, algae prevention drops.
I'm switching to Distilled Water soon, and was wondering if a silver kill coil was really that necessary.
what kind of drops should i be using with the water? could i get them at petco? since they sell drops for fish tanks.
This is for the XSPC RASA 750 RX360 Kit.

Would a "real coolant" help me lower cpu temps more than distilled water?
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  1. Always have the res above the pump, you want gravity forcing the distilled water into the pump before you switch the pump on. A pump running dry will die pretty quickly, the rest of the loop order really doesn't matter.

    My advice would be to use distilled water and a silver kill coil, no colouring/dye. If you want colour use coloured tubing.
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