Flaming blade gti hardware reserved 2gb

i have Foxconn flamingblade gti, i7 930 and corsair xms3(3x2gb),
the problem is when run my system bios detect only 4gb from ram, when system load w7x64 says 6gb (3.99gb usable)
on resource monitor tool its say

available 1700MB
cached 1528MB
total 4087MB
installed 6144MB

hardware reserved 2057MB

(cpu-z also say 6GB installed)

any idea how i can make my bios initialize all 6GB ram, i got flashed it to the last available version but is still the same problem... :??:

thanks in advice,
regards pavel
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  1. have you checked the LGA for any bent pins
  2. hi,
    what do you mean? i dont have problem with my cpu. :??:
  3. a bent pin on the motherboard (remember LGA 1366 has the pins on the motherboard) can cause a loss of memory like this
  4. Could be that or improperly installed RAM or a dead stick. My ASUS mobo only has 1 tab on the RAM slots so it detected 2gb out of 4gb and hardware showed a large reserve... reinstalled RAM and it was fixed.
  5. hi,
    i tried via reinstall the memory but has no effect,
    today i uninstalled it and returned it to the store to test it,
    when uninstalled CPU i looked at pins but didn't see something strange, all they looks okay
    in next 3-5days will have response from them about status on my motherboard

    thanks for suggestions,
    regards pavel
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