HD 5770 Inflated Cursor

Sooo, I just upgraded to an ATI 5770, and I seem to get the well-known cursor issue.
The cursor doubles its size after some time, and the only way I can prevent it/ fix it is by enabling cursor trail (which I dislike).
I've got an AMD system so BIOS fixes which have worked for some with P55 boards do not apply to me.

ATI 5770
Catalyst 9.11 drivers
Athlon X2 5200+
Asus M3A Motherboard
4GB Supertalent RAM (800MHz, CL5)
Antec Earthwatts 650 PSU.
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  1. update the bios? who knows, it could work hehe
  2. I don't know... the PC is running OK and I'm not really willing to potentially mess it up with a BIOS update failure....
    BTW, Catalyst 9.12 drivers are coming out on Wednesday... *crosses fingers for fix*
    Any other ideas?
  3. Updating drivers when they come out is the best idea I have seen so far. I am amazed how many posts I have seen on all kinds of trouble with the HD5770 cards, since release. ATI/AMD must have payed attention and are at very least addressing some of them in the new drivers.
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