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I have a AMD Phenom II x4 3.2GHz 955 Black Edition and I want to over clock it. but I don't know whats the highest frequency I can overclock to with the original heatsink.
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  1. Just keep raising it until it's unstable. Every chip is different so even if we give you a number it may not be achievable or could be under achieving
  2. If it crashes before 12-24 hours of Prime95 (or any other CPU stress programs) or heats up beyond 70-80 C, then I would advise reducing the clock rate a bit.

    Also, I recommend that you keep the voltage below 1.5-1.6v, and reduce clock/voltage once you start to hit a diminishing return (more voltage for less clock).

    I wouldn't expect a great OCing with the stock heatsink.
  3. I would not overclock with a stock cooler. if you do then keep the CPU below 63C when under load. AMD chips can not take heat in the 70-80C range so ignore what the above poster says. 70-80C will destroy your CPU. Also I am pretty sure 1.6v would fry that CPU as well. You want max volts in the 1.5-1.53 range.
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