Christmas Upgrade

Alright, its Christmas time, and im feeling an upgrade.

Current Hardware:
AMD 6000+ Stock
M2N SLI Deluxe Mobo
ATI 4850 OC
6GB of Corsair, Dominator and reg.
2 WD HD's 640GB Black and 160GB
ThermalTake TP 750W Modular

Budget: $275 if not selling parts, $500 some if I do.
Vendor: Newegg

First: A new processor. I would like the new C3 PII 965. My current MOBO is the M2N SLI Deluxe. I have read on that the M2N SLI Deluxe supports various AM3 processors with the newest BIOS, but not necessarily the 965. I am wanting the new C3 965 for its 4 channel DDR3 support and lower 125W thermal. If the 955 or 945 is better, fine. I will try some overclocking. I just need to be sure that the processor will work, so hopefully someone here has tried it and been successful. (Link to )

Second: A new cooler. My current cooler is the Scythe Andy Samurai. It works OK, but I would like a tower cooler that will direct airflow better. When doing 3D modeling, temps go to mid 50's C, which is OK but the cooler the better. With the new processor, may's well get a new cooler. Im currently looking at the SunbeamTech CCF 120mm. As for thermal paste, I used AS5, but I guess the cooler comes with TX2, or is there a better solution?

Now, some of you are probably asking why I wouldnt just get a new CPU/MOBO/RAM. I would like to, but dont really have the money. If I did I could sell the current setup for around $230ish. That would put me near the needed funds. So in that case here would be my choices:

Gigabyte UD5P 790FX MOBO
PII 965
8GB of quality RAM

I need suggestions for the RAM. A 4GB pack of Corsair is $94, but I would like something cheaper. I do need the 8GB as I do some intensive 3D animation work, which greatly benefits from it.

For the MOBO, I just saw the new UD5 with SATA 6GB/s and USB3. Is it worth the extra $10? It also has trifire at 16/16/8. Is there another MOBO that would be just as good?

That would put the cost for that near $550ish. A little overbudget, but if its worth it Ill work for some more $$.

Regarding an almost brand new setup, would now be a good time to upgrade or should I just wait for some new CPUs from AMD/Intel. It appears the AM3 socket will be current until into 2011. I want this upgrade to be worth the money.

Thanks for your time and suggestions. Hopefully someone has an M2N SLI deluxe and a PII 965 working.
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    When you say u need new cooler because your temps are high, it does not mean your cooler is bad, it means it is the way your cpu is designed. Older AMD cpu's get pretty hot for no reason. So i say just go for like a am2+ quad core
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