The future of HD 4870's regarding its availibility?

A while ago, newegg had many, at least 10 types of hd 4870's, ranging from 135-160~ ish dollars. Currently, there are only three models of hd 4870 1GB:


And the third one is ridiculous..a 512 mb vistiontek for 179.99

1gb ones were going for 150 a while ago.

So what does this say about the future of hd 4870's?

The reason i am concerned is because i have an hd 4870 and i planned on crossfiring in the future, when they get cheaper and when i really need it.

However, with the release of the hd 5870's series, my thinking has gone backwards. not only are they few and scarce in number, but they're even more expensive...

Should i be worried? Could i get an hd 4870 a few months from now at a cheaper price, or will production halt on the hd 4870's all together?
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  1. Well, ATI just cut the 4870X2. The new 5700/5800 series seem to be well built cards, but I fear it may be a while before they come down in price, and the 4870 may not last that long.

    I would go for it. Theres really no telling how long they're going to last, but no fear. You could always pick up one from ebay if you really plan on waiting, even if ATI does cut 'em.
  2. ATI has stopped production of 4XXX series cards. All that is available in the market are distributor inventories.

    5770 is the closest you can get to 4890(better than 4870).

    You really need to consider your CF decision as DX11 cards / games are upon us.
  3. I'm not sure if this is true:
    Tom's never mentioned, not even as an unconfirmed rumor, but it will make sense if you ask me, the timing of the shortage is just to good to be just a coincidence.
  4. 5xxx cards are out, the 4xxx cards are the old generation now. The 4870 was $300 when it first came out so now the 5870 is to. Nothing new here. The cost of the left over 4xxx cards will start to climb as they become slim pickin's.

    If you are in the market for a new card, I'd go 5xxx all the way.
  5. If you want to crossfire then buy another 4870 now before they are all gone. You can also crossfire your 4870 with a 4890 just in case.
  6. yeah , buy one before they are gone because u cant crossfire with 5700 anyway .
  7. Try, they have some XFX 4870s going for 145CAD, and do price matching (link them a lowe rprice and they match it).
  8. I got a 1GB 4870 for $125 w/free shipping a couple of months ago. I think I bought at the lowest price ever. I was lucky. The day I wanted to buy happened to be the same day NewEgg had a sale. I wish I could time my stock purchases like this.
  9. The 4870's are on their last roll... So scarce that AMD decided to jack up the prices in effort to produce a bit more cash. At this point the 4870's are even more expensive than a decent GTX 260 so don't waste your cash. Get a 4890 and CF or sell your 4870 and try gettin dual 5750's/5770's....
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