Overclocking just one core on 2500K?

Hello all,
I had a rather unusual idea for overclocking my 2500k. I already have it up to 4.5 Ghz stable, but I can't push it further because 1.) the temps are about as high as I am willing to let them go, and 2.) my motherboard has a limit on how high I can raise the Vcore (it doesn't go past 1.35 for some reason). However, I started wondering if it's possible to independently change each core's clock speed. for example, is it possible to have core 0 running at 4.5 Ghz, and the rest running at, say, 3.8Ghz? I know this may be counter-intuitive, but I primarily use my PC for FSX, and since FSX really only utilizes the first two cores to any significant extent, I figure if I can down-clock cores 2 and 3 (which would lower temps and power consumption) then that will give me some additional headroom to raise the speed of cores 0 and 1 a bit more, which will hopefully give me a few more frames per second in FSX. So, is this even possible?
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  1. It would depend on if your Mobo allows you to 'disable' cores,
    I'd also make sure your coolings up to it :)
  2. My motherboard does allow disabling cores, but I don't want to disable them, I just want to independently change the multipliers for each core. And also my cooling should be able to handle a bit more, it's a hyper 212 +.
  3. My bios on an older Amd rig had adjusters for cores separately but I never played with them, are there any options like that in your bios at all?
  4. I don't really know of any way to accomplish that without disabling cores (which you really don't want to do). The best way I can think of is to set 1 Core Turbo to 4.5 and 2, 3, and 4 core Turbo to whatever else you want, but that doesn't really give you what you're looking for, since it would definitely be running on more than one core in FSX, and it would just run at the 2, 3, or 4 core Turbo speed.

    All 4 cores at 4.5 gives you the best performance, obviously, so unless your temps are just WAY out of hand, I'd say just stay with what you have.
  5. Okay then. My temps seldom get above 65c under load, so I guess I'll just stick with 4.5.
  6. Maybe experiment with locking one or two cores off though, see how it actually affect performance,
    You may find a solution one way or another :-)
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