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Hey all :hello:

wondering what your thought would be on this...

these are my system specs

Asus Rampage Extreme
OCZ platinum edition 4GB DDR3

Stock cooler that came with my 45nm Q9550 proc was making my board bend, unusually a lil more than normal. I managed to get a hold of an E4300's stock cooler, which was the intel's old cooler...I currently use a thermaltake Spin-Q and i get temps of 31'C on CPU on idle (that too its on the max energy saving feature enabled on the mobo)

i know the spin-q is a lousy cooler,but in that respect, will i get better performance than the spin-q if i use the E4300's cooler, i want to use it until i can place an order for the Cooler Master Hyper 212+, which is quite a while from now.

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  1. Usually the cooler supplied with Intel CPU's are very good (fit wise) if you ignore the stupid push pin mounting. I know pushing and lockign the pins in place can cause a few nervous moments, but I prefer to mount my cooler while the mobo is out of the case.

    It should be bending once installed, so something is not quite right. I would forget the E4300 cooler - its designed with a lower spec dual core chip and may not provide enough cooling for your Q9550.
  2. but the stock cooler provided with the E4300 is jus double the height of the Q9550's coller, and for some reason i got the one that has the plastic retention version of the cooler (Q9550)

    this 1 -

    , thas making my board bend stupidly.

    i scooped the net and found that it should've been this -

    Seein this i had the spin-q lying around and used it - and noticed it didnt make my board bend... thus me asking wheher the E4300's can be used in this scenario
  3. anything?!>!>!>!>!?!?!?!?!?! :S
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    I don't see the problem with using the E4300 cooler. Both are just pieces of metal with a fan attached, and the 4300 looks like a slightly bigger piece of metal with a fan attached. The fan speed is controlled by the motherboard anyway, so if it's getting too hot, it ought to automatically blow faster regardless of what model you have.

    Regardless, I don't think you need a new cooler at all if you're getting idle temps of 31 with the Thermaltake cooler. It's doing its job. I've got the exact same CPU with a smaller Thermaltake cooler, and have had no problems. Idling in the low-to-mid 30s is about right for a q9550.

    Intel's stock cooler for the Q9550 blows, though. Before I replaced it, I was getting overheating problems without even doing any overclocking at all. I can't imagine a slightly bigger Intel stock cooler would be much better. I'd definitely stick with the Spin Q over either of those, and if it's not giving you temp problems now and you're not planning on doing serious overclocking, there's no reason to mess with it.
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  6. Thanx capt_taco! The spin-q on a review was said its no better than a stock cooler..and the noise was a lil too much for my ears, on high - although 31'C the fan makes 21 dB...oh the horror, my big typhoon was much better than this spin-q (my lil bro has it now)
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