Bad RAM or Bad Mobo?


I just recently upgraded my computer and purchased an Asus M4N98TD mobo with an AMD Phenom II x 2 555 processor with 4 Gigs of RAM (Patriot Sector 5 DDR3-1333).

When I turned the computer on everything seemed to work okay until nothing displayed on the monitor. All the fans come on and the lights work, but nothing displays on the monitor, not even a boot menu. A red dram light comes on then goes off on the mobo.

I tried each of the RAM sticks in each of the four RAM slots and same problem, nothing displays on the monitor. I tried a different PSU, pushing the MEMok button, removing the CMOS battery, same problem.

One more thing to add, the RAM I ordered was not on the QVL list for the mobo. I'm just afraid to order a different set of RAM only to encounter the same problem then have to send my mobo back.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you,
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  1. Have you made sure everything's plugged in, in terms of power connections including CPU 4/8 pin, and the graphics 6/8 pin? Also, try installing one stick first, and did you install the RAM in the same coloured slots?
  2. The power connectors for both the CPU and graphics card are connected properly. When both sticks of RAM didnt work I tried one stick at a time in each slot and had the same problem.
  3. Have you tried both sticks of RAM in the blue slots (simultaneously), then if that did not work, the black ones?
  4. Yep, tried that too.
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