Overclock AMD Duron

Hi guys ,

1.OS - XP
2.Motherboard - ASRock K7S8X (Real Clock - 133Mhz , Effective - 267Mhz)
3.CPU : AMD Duron XP 1600 MHz (6 x 267) L1 .. L2 - 64 KB ; Voltage - 1.5 V ; Typical Power - 45~53 W ; Max Pwr - 57 W Depending on Clock speed
4.Memory - 756MB 3slots (1st - 512MB 200Mhz PC3200 DDR SDRAM , 2nd&3rd 128Mb !166MHZ! :cry: PC2700 DDR)
5.Video - Overclocked already Ati X1650 256Mb

So my question is how much i can push this CPU and what about Memory can i change something there ?
Can you help me guys im Newbie in Overclocking CPU's :??: can you explain step by step...I watch tutorials and blabla but i cant figure OUT how to deal with MHz and VOLTAGE

Thanks in Advance ,)
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  1. In answer to your question, there is claim ( publish 2003) that the Duron can be pushed up to 2.3Ghz.

    Sorry to say, but the PC is ancient. Even if you achieve over 2GHz clock, I don't think you will achieve much in way of performance improvement that will affect your running of current applications. Likewise, any additional RAM will not dramatically improve your PC experience.

    Care for a new PC?
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