Corsair H100/H60 vs Fx 8150 cooler

Im looking to upgrade from an 1090T with the Crosshair IV with the CM V6 GT air cooler, to the Crosshair V with the 8150 and liquid cooling. At the momment I can get the H60 for 20$ off Neweggs price, thats new, or go out and buy the H100, or spend $90 more when i buy the processor and get the liquid cooling that comes with the Fx 8150,
My power supply will run any liquid cooling, and my case is a Cooler Master Storm enforcer.

What would be the better choice for the money? for performance and noise?
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  1. When you say 'liquid cooling' you are really referring to those all in one unit coolers similar to the H60/H100, correct? I hope you don't have high aspirations- they don't really perform any better than good air coolers.
  2. Decided to stick with air cooling after reading some reviews and forums
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