ATI 5770 or ATI 4890?

Well I'm thinking on getting a new graphics card and I'm stick between ATI 5770 and ATI 4890.
I'm not sure which to get.
Although the 4890 is stronger would it be better to go with the 5770 since is a newer card?

And would both of these cards work on my system?

CPU- AMD Phenom II x3 720
PSU- BFG Tech 450w
OS- Windows 7

I'm also open to suggestions for other cards, though my budget is $200.
And, is there a good company to go for that makes ATI cards?

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  1. Go got 5770. The performance is very close to 4890 for DX10...5770 supports DX11 and 4890 is a DX10 hardware.

    5770 is more power efficient than 4890 and its cheaper
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    I would go with the 5770. My reason to not even compare the two is because your have a 450W PSU. Granted it is a nice unit, I just wouldn't want to hang a 4890 that requires (2) 6 pins off of it. I wouldn't feel 100% confident. So to be on the safe side I'd go with the 5770.

    If the PSU wasn't a concern I'd suggest go for the 5770 is you want DX11, and a card the uses less power and has potential to gain some performance from future Driver updates.

    IF you want a more powerful card and only intend to run DX10.1 or less, then the 4890 may be a better choice.
  3. 5770 seems pretty ok...

    I am using 1.
  4. I agree with Jay. Unless your PSU is a top notch Corsair or some such i wouldnt want to put a 4890 on it. The 5770 is the way i would go.

  5. I believe BFG made 2 450w PSU's, one is 29A on a single rail, the other (2) 18A rails totallying about 25A. So I would feel a 5770 is very comfortable on that setup. A 5850 actually consumes slightly less power than a 4870, and you might be ok with it on your system, but my comfort level wouldn't be at the 100% mark.

    I like BFG PSU's and they have made several that I think I'd select even over a Corsair (not a die hard fan of Corsair. I dunno why people get gaga over them, they are good but not the crown royal of the crew)
  6. Looks like the 5770 is the way to go.
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