PLEASE HELP! put in motherboard but now video signal

So i got a GIGABYTE GA-MA69G-S3H motherboard from craigslist today and i installed it in my VPR matrix desktop. i took out my old mobo and put this one in and everything turns on (LED goes on and fans are spinning) but on my monitor it displays "check cable" (im using the onboard video card via VGA). I didnt install any drivers or anything because i dont have the cd's. could this be the issue? but how would i install the drivers if i cant see whats on the screen.

-I have a stock 350w PSU that came with the VPR Matrix
-I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ CPU
-And 4 gigs (but only 1 gig installed) of G.SKILL 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

Thanks You,
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  1. This sounds like either the 4-pin plug isn't connected, or you've got a short somewhere. Either way, check the troubleshooting guide (link in my signature) for a checklist and make sure you go through everything.

    The breadboarding guide is near the end of the troubleshooting sticky.
  2. Since this is likely a used board, it's also likely that the last user configured it to not use the on-board graphics... You will need to reset the CMOS parameter memory. Power down; either turn off the PSU switch, or unplug the AC cord; hold the front-panel power switch depressed for 15-20 seconds, then place a jumper on the CLR_CMOS pins as shown:

    for a few seconds, remove jumper, power back up, enter BIOS, and execute the "Load Optimized Defaults" function from the main BIOS page...
  3. when you mean "then place a jumper on the CLR_CMOS pins" do you mean short it with a screw driver or something? sorry im a noob...

  4. Thanks T_T i looked at your giude and removed the battery for 3 minuites but now a
    blue screen comes up with an error message (a series of numbers) telling me to scan for viruses and run a DSKCHK /f. and the keybard isnt responsive but the keyboard works fine in bios
  5. Shorting the pins with a screwdriver blade will work, but it sounds like the reset already happened by removing the battery... Now your problem is that the OS was installed for a different 'hardware set'; when an OS is installed, it makes myriad 'adjustments' in the HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and the drivers to accomodate exactly the harware it's being installed on... You can try putting in your installer disk, and attempt a 'repair' install, but, usually, you are much better off just wiping and reinstalling the OS from scratch...
  6. Ok thank you. The only problem now is that I have an IDE hdd and and IDE disc drives. There are sata ports on the mobo so shoukd I just buy a sata hdd? Also sice I have to disc drives there aare 2 conectors on one IDE cable, so instead of puting that second conector into the second disc drive could I put it in the hdd?
  7. Here's what I would do:
    Get that SATA drive - they're really cheap now - I just picked up a 1TB for a client system for eighty bucks, and smaller ones (say, 160 GB, which is way plenty for an OS installation) are under forty. Put your IDE hard drive on the cable with a DVD (cable/jumpering instructions are in the 'sticky', under, curiously enough, IDE Cabling/Jumpering); this way, when you install the OS on your new drive, you won't be taking chances with overwriting any data on the old drive. Then, after OS install, move your data to the new drive, temporarily; once you've been using it for a while, and are sure you've 'found' all your data, and have it copied to the SATA, format the old drive, name it 'Data' or some such, and 'move' your 'My Documents' folder and all data to that drive. I always recommend, at a minimum, that one make a seperate partion on their drive for their data; better yet, keep the data on a seperate drive. That way, if windoze goes 'out to lunch' some way - virus, bad driver install that you can't successfully fix, whatever - should you need to reinstall windoze, you aren't taking a chance with your data. Mind you, you still must back it up - a seperate drive has just as much chance of failure as any other - but at least it's secure against 'windoze screw-ups!
  8. Ok great! Thanks I'll back up my data and the buy a sata hdd and restore It there!

    Thanks do much!
  9. Always !
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