I think my motherboard has a serious problem

I had some quarters on my desk, and the fell over. One or two fell onto my motherboard, and now it won't post. I'm tweaking out because I fear it may have damaged a circuit and now I have to get a new $200 motherboard. The fans still turn on (indefinitely) but I never reach the bios screen. Do you have any diagnostic tips for me?

Heres what I think I'm going to do. Turn off the power supply for a while and unplug the bios battery. I could try a computer repair shop (not geek squad of course), but if a motherboard circuit is actually damaged, I doubt there is much I can do. The error console is displaying an "FF" error, which supposedly is displayed after a successful bios flash. I'm not sure what to do.
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  1. Indeed you may have damaged the mobo. However, try breadboarding the motherboard.

    Click on the link in my signature to jump to the troubleshooting guide. Near the bottom of the troubleshooting checklist post, you'll find another link; a link to the breadboarding guide.

    Follow the breadboarding guide, thoroughly, to see where you could have potentially shorted your computer.
  2. True... you have probably killed it... i will not even go to the part to ask why??? anyway... to the problem. I assume your computer was working at the time, so it was powered on. Where did the coin land? Did you see any sparks? Any smoke? Does it smell burnt electronics?

    Try unplugging everything that is not needed and resit memory modules. Check your PSU for any voltage indescrepancies.

    Post some pictures of the motherboard (high resolution please) where the coin landed if possible for a rough visual inspection.

    I wouldn't get my hopes high though...
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