Please help Computer will not turn on

I leave my computer on all the time. Found it dead one day. Changed the PSU to a new one (test shows PSU is working). Push power switch on with no response. Fan turns for about a second then stops the only other thing that works is the power switch led is on. How do I check if it is the MOBO (Elitegroup P4M800PRO-M) or something else? Thanks
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  1. Thanks I will try that.
  2. Angel, the beep code for a dead CPU is ... silence.
  3. I unhooked everything (graphics card, memory chips, hard drive, cdrom, zip drives) except for the mobo. I press the power button, the case fan and cpu fan spins for a second only, no beep and no computer. Is it the mobo or the CPU that is dead?
  4. Also double check and make sure that your cpu cooler is seated properly.
    I once had the retaining clip break, a few years ago, and that would turn on for a few seconds and then power off.
    I had a neighbor downstair who would get mad and slam his door sending a concusion through my floor. broke my retaining rings twice before we finally had a talk.
    Anyways, good luck
  5. changed the mobo today and it works. thanks to all
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