Selecting Hard Drive for multi-purpose home system

I recently built a new system for my home desktop using a PhenomIIx6 and 8gb RAM (so far).

I was planning on sticking with the two SATA drives I have, 200gb & 320gb. However, since I got up and running, I decided that the time has arrived to plan for more storage.

While my two drives are nearing capacity, there is actually plenty of room throughout apprx 12 partitions across the two drives. Its just a matter of getting data sorted and deleting duplicate files.

My plan is to put two 1tb drives into a mirrored array for my data storage. I'll then use either the 200gb drive alone, or in conjunction with a small SSD for the operating system, which is now Win7-Ultimate64, but I also want to try linux again.

Having put all that forward, does anyone have any suggestion on what criteria on which to base the decision of which drives to purchase?
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  1. Your plan to have two 1 TB hard disks in RAID 1 (mirror) is a good one. Stay with it. I have a similar setup on my computer; in use for 23 months.
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