Could i use vga like HD 4670 or 9600GT Supreme for maya 2009?

i want to ask something about hardware requirement for maya 2009 and 3dsmax 2009. what is the recommended hardware for that software?
maybe middle spec...not the best, but if i use that hardware, i'd still can do my job with that software?
and then, if i use vga like HD 4670 or 9600GT Supreme. could it be still work? or maybe with middle ends vga, not far than that vga?
i hope somebody could help me with this problems...
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  1. Arnt maya and 3dsmax 3D rendering programs? You will need a workstation graphics card for those, like ATI's FirePro/FireGL or Nvidia's Quadro FX, for best results. A Radeon or Geforce should be able to run these programs however you will get absolutly horable frame rates. The workstation cards have optimized drivers to specifically run these programs so your performance will be vastly greater.
  2. Workstation cards are overrated, in my opinion. I'm running an HD5770 right now without any problems, and before that a 7800GT.

    A 4670 will work fine, just remember that the faster the card, the more geometry you will be able to have visible in the viewport at a time.

    With a slower video card, you'll have to work more efficiently using layers to hide geo you're not currently working on, and using render proxies to cut down on the strain on the video card.

    If you have an unlimited budget, then sure, go for the workstation card, but for a similar price, the gaming cards will deliver better performance.

    my 5770 can handle 10+ million polys in Mudbox 2009, and it's significantly slower than the current top of the line.
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