Asus A8n5x wont recognize SATA drive

Have an Asus A8n5x board in my build (circa 2006). My 300 Gb IDE HD died and I thought it would be good time to get SATA drive. Bought Seagate Barracuda 1.5T Sata drive. Manual says if board doesn't support 3.0 Gb to install jumper. A8n5X is 1.5 so jumper is in place. I've attached to Sata 1 port on drive and attempted both sata power cable and old 4 pin w/ adapter. Bios won't recognize HD. Any suggestions?
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  1. Take off the jumper and try it. Also, look for a HDD Boot Delay in the bios and set to 2 seconds or greater.
  2. I would check how old our bios is and update and re-set bios fact settings, modify the settings after the upgrade, this might some issues. still don't see it? Get cheap non Sata drive make it your os, boot up and see drive comes up? I hope this helps have a great day!
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