Windows XP repair hung up at 33 min. Cannot use keyboard or mouse

My Dell got the BSOD, so I tried repairing with the windows XP Cd that came with the DELL. Everything was going great until it hung up at 33min. I cannot use keyboard to use Shift F10. Can anybody help?
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  1. If the repair failed you will need to do a full system restore instead.
  2. nhasian said:
    If the repair failed you will need to do a full system restore instead.

    Bummer. I don't want to do that cause it would wipe out everything that is on it. Searched this problem on internet and it's common. Found the following solution but can't get keyboard to work.

    * Let the XP hang up at 34 minutes remaining for the first time
    * remove the CD from the CDROM and reboot
    * Dont enter the CD when the installation asks for it, instead open the DOS prompt (Shift + F10)
    * goto C:/Windows and type setupapi.log, hit enter
    * The setupapi.log file opens in a notepad
    * Scroll to the very last few lines in the file and search for the word “inf”
    * You will notice that in the last few moments the installation created a file with the extension “.inf” before dying out (in my case it was the faulty modem for which XP created the file mdmcxpt.inf).
    * It means that the device mentioned in the last few lines is faulty and you have to make the installation skip through it.
    * Close the notepad and go to the folder C:/windows/inf in command prompt
    * Browse through the files to find the “.inf” which was related to the faulty device.
    * Straightaway delete the inf file (eg: del mdmcxpt.inf)
    * now put in the XP installation CD and Continue the installation
  3. Ok well I had to clean install Windows XP using the following instructions:

    After many many many retries I:
    1. Booted XP CD to recovery console.
    2. Did FixMBR and Fixboot C:
    3. Disconnecte my network cable
    4. Went into BIOS setup, pressed F9 (restore defaults - just in case)
    and it worked.

    I did lose absolutely everything on the computer but at least it's actually working again.
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