Disk read error!

Hi there, i was restoring a dell laptop to factory settings, and half way through the lead pulled out of the computer and it lost power and turned off.

I then restarted the computer and came up with the dreaded 'disk read error' message.

I'm not exactly great with computers so can someone please tell me how to fix this (if possible) please!

Thank you
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  1. You get the read error before anything loads? If so, it sounds like the power failed in the middle of a disk prep process (format/partition).

    Can you access the recovery system? If not, you may need to order recovery disks from Dell.

    Its unlikely, but certainly not impossible that this is a hardware failure.
  2. Yes, it comes up pretty much straight away, i have tried to do system recovery but when i press the buttons for it it doesnt work and simply goes into disk read error
  3. check the HD cables. They are loose or unplugged....... check the HD ends and the MB ends.
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