Need advice on a frankenstein

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ~3 weeks BUDGET RANGE: cheaper the better, $750 USD but flexible..less is better

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: multimedia, web browsing, gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: tricky question, see additional comments


PARTS PREFERENCES: given my budget and preference for form factor longevity, AMD AM3

OVERCLOCKING: aaabsolutely SLI OR CROSSFIRE: doubt it, but if possible id like the option down the road

MONITOR RESOLUTION: currently 1680x1050, but will be 19x10 or 19x12 in 8-10 months

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: okay, i have an aging S939 dual core opteron machine thats been OC'ed to 2.8 for years that resides in an antec P180b. its has a brand new antec TP750 psu and sapphire 4870 1gig card in it.

i've been thinking about swapping that TP750 and 4870 to a new AM3 quad machine thats yet to be spec'd out..however, i need this old box to remain some kind of functional. after all is said and done, the geezer box will be an asus mobo, opty 165 dual core at 2.8, a couple sata HD's, IDE dvd burner, and an unknown video card (maybe a 4770?).

for the new machine i'll need case/mobo/cpu/ram/hsf. i have 2x wd 640g blacks and a 750g 7200.12 that i'll be using in the new build.

i plan on overclocking. a lot. :D . i figure the more power phases on the new mobo, the more likely it will remain a viable upgrade path so long as AM3 sticks around. the more SATA ports the merrier!

i'll also need advice on what psu/vid card to put in the geezer box. i was thinking maybe earth watts 430w and a 4770?

pardon the long story, ive been awake for ~29hrs and my thought process is a little convoluded to say the least :kaola:

if you need any further information, please ask away. thanks in advance!
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  1. dangit. also, low temps are far more important than low noise for me. large cases are quite fine, even preferred. wire routing is a must, ive been suffering with this p180 for too long (if you have one, you know what i mean).
    furthermore, when i upgrade to a 40+inch HDTV (19x10-19x20 res) i'll be purchasing a 5850/5870. case windows i couldnt care less about but am not opposed to. yeah, that should cover it all.
    once again, any questions..just ask!
  2. i was going to use this old box as a light gaming machine for my girlfriend, trying to get her into all of this.

    looks good. went with the mobo/cpu combo, corsair ram (same price, probably less tall heatsink to reduce the chance of compatibility problems with the hsf for the cpu), the sunbeam, the corsair psu (slightly cheaper and high quality)
    i guess a 4670 will work in a pinch. i can always throw this 4870 back in here when i get a 58xx series for the new rig.

    any case suggestions, good sir?
  3. oooh. that CM 922 sure looks perdy :love: gracias amigo/amiga!

    sittin at roughly $640 after shipping/prerebate, i think i'll be able to squeeze in W7 x64 and ditch XP SP3! woohoo, party time! :sleep: :sleep:
  4. ^ Oh yeah...I was about to actually suggest that case right away but dint know what amount you were looking to spend on a case...
    Good luck :)
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