Phenom II X4 945 vs Phenom II X4 955

my motherboard is a GA-M57SLI-S4 (yeah i know its old). According to its CPU list it can support the 945 AM3 but not the 955 AM3.

Besides the 200 Mhz frequency increase i can't tell any difference between them. So why would one proc. work in my mobo and not the other?
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  1. Not sure what you are looking at but i looked at the list and it does support the 955.
  2. it says N/A for the 955

    N/A = Not support

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 3200MHz 512KBx4 6MB Deneb 45nm C2 125W 4000 N/A
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    Looks to me like your mobo can't support 125w CPUs. Some AM2+ can't support more than the 95w CPUs, this isn't too uncommon. You'll be stuck with the 95w ones, and that is the Phenom II 945 at most. Its pretty much the same CPU anyways (minus the unlocked multi and stock clock). No performance difference when they're clocked the same, and they have the same OC headroom (if the mobo can keep up with the 945).
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