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CPU: Intel E7300
MB: AsRock G31M-GS
PSU: 450W

I recently upgraded my PC with CPU, GPU and 2GB of RAM. I know about overclocking for 7, 8 years now but I've never considered it myself because I thought it was unsafe cuz you can fry CPU if you're not careful. I already read some threads about OC E7300 but different opinions from many users brought me back to the start. I have stock intel cooler with broken pins (it's the result of constant cooler take outs cuz I like to clean my PC). I read that E7300 can be OC'd to 3.33 GHz with stock cooler, but I'd be happy if I OC it to 3.0 GHz. I downloaded CPUID Hardware Monitor and my CPU's temp is almost already at it's max. I have to buy new cooler but I'm not happy giving any more money for my PC. How efficient is cream which helps lower the CPU's temp ? I read somewhere that it lowered temp by °4C. How much temp increase would be if I OC it to 3.0 GHz ?

So here's the main question at last: how to OC my CPU, step by step. Thanks for having nerves to read and (hopefully) reply. Cheers.
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  1. OC'd is always good with good cooling. If your cpu is getting to hot with stock speeds then OC it would probably just shut down your computer everytime it gets to hot. Before I even think about OC I would upgrade your stock fan.
  2. A good cooler can be found for around $30-$40 so they're not too expensive. I would definitely get one if you have the means to. The good thing about most coolers is that most come with brackets/compatibility for multiple socket types so that you can always move the cooler to another computer if you decided to build or buy another.
  3. I recently bought this get it soon because you get the 10 dollar MIR.
  4. OK, it sounds like you're taking the cooler off and putting it back on without reapplying thermal paste. That is not a good plan. Get some artic silver mx-4 ($10), put it on, re-attach the cooler, then check your temps. Don't attempt OCing until you do that.

    There is no need to remove the cooler to clean it. Can of compressed air blown into the fan and fins is enough.
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