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Low profile vga cooler for radeon 4650 in a low profile case

i'm looking for an aftermarket vga cooler to replace the heatsink/fan on this low profile 4650 (

everything i've found will exceed the height of my low profile case :( (e.g. zalman VF700)

i haven't had luck finding one... any ideas guys?
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  1. Have you talked to Asus Technical support?
  2. To be perfectly honest, there probably isn't a market for an upgraded low profile cooler. The card is relatively inexpensive and you will be hard pressed to find one. What is the real issue? is it heat?
  3. yeah it does seem like there isn't a market for low profile vga coolers after more searching...

    heat is not TOO big of an issue (idles at 41C / load 60C; +5C with a mild overclock) but the fan noise is annoying as hell (anything above 25% produces a lovely whine).

    i'm thinking about disassembling the fan... putting some arctic silver 5 on the GPU and (not so sure about this next bit - feedback welcome!) getting some teflon grease to maybe get the fan to quiet down

    what do you guys think?
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    Yeah, that is the issue with low pro video cards, you don't have much room to work with so they have to run the fan hard to cool the thing. Not much you can do about it now, but next time I advise against a low pro machine. They are a pain to work with unless you are using them for company use or just leaving them completely stock.
  5. I'm having the same problem, but worse, with the same card. Mine idles at about 70C and Ive caught it as high as 110C :fou: when gaming in a 1280x768 window on my 24" display, even with the fan manually set to 100% of speed.

    I've reseated the current fan/heatsink and used new thermal compound, to no avail. The fan sound is loud and warbles, making me think the bearings are shot.

    Did you ever find a replacement fan/heat sink?
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