Help a noob build a system



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Watching Video, Multi-tasking, web browsing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Speakers, Mouse, Moniter


PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel processor

OVERCLOCKING: maybe? (dont know how)




I'm confident i could put a system together if i had all the necessary parts in front of me to get it working, but i really have no idea what i need to get. I'm worried if i tried to get parts myself there would be compatability issues etc. etc.

So what I'm basically asking is for someone to put together a wish-list or something on for me so that i can just order everything and put it together :D
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  1. ^ For your budget, you can look into AMD CPUs...for that price range, they would offer better performance and AM3 socket would be still alive for soem time...unlike LGA 775, which is EOL...

    EDIT: I totally forgot about the Intel i3/ i5 CPUs, that will most likely be released during JAN...So you can wait till that to decide...
  2. I wouldn't go for the 5750. It's the only 5XXX series I can't recommend for gaming. In its price segment it competes with mid range 4XXX GPU's who are A LOT better. DirectX11 is missing, but a GPU in this price segment will be outdated long before it reaches widespread adoption.

    The memory you picked is triple channel, the AM3 motherboard doesn't support that. You'll need to get 4GB.

    Caviars aren't great, especially the blue ones. A Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB is A LOT faster.
  3. lol yea forgot about that little detail... fixed.

    the 5750 is about the same as a 4850, and has dx11 support, it'll penform pretty good on that monitor.

    caviars are great value, i have them myself and they're no lower than a samsung spinpoint, look at some benchmarks for yourself.
  4. Sorry wiinippongamer. You're dead wrong. The only things that are beating the F3's right now are SSDs. As far as being a great value, the F3s are $15 cheaper, and equal or better on almost all the benchmarks.Have you even looked at the benchmarks? Those are between the Black and F3. The blue isn't even on the charts anymore. The F3 is by far the best value in HDD right now...

    @Silmarunya: The 5750 is more than adequate at that resolution. Yes, once you get up there, it's not as good. Also, the only 4xxx GPUs it doesn't beat are the 4890 and 4870 (see this chart, Crysis is only an example). Both of these are as expensive or more expensive. The 5xxx are great in Crossfire, so it makes sense to buy one now, and if the monitor is upgraded, add a second.

    @OP: There's some really bad advice above. Go with an HD 5750 as your GPU. It's way more powerful than needed for your monitor, but will be able to handle itself if you upgrade. It also scales up really well in Crossfire, so it can expand really well.

    Go with a Samsung Spinpoint F3. It's the best HDD available right now.

    Corsair RAM is overpriced for what you get. Here's some better G.Skill sticks that are only a couple bucks more, but will perform better and save you some money on your power bill: G.Skill Eco DDR3 1333 mhz CAS Latency 7.

    If you want to save a little cash, you could get an OCZ or Antec Earthwatts PSU. Both of these are high quaility, but cheaper because they don't have Corsair on the side. That said, Corsair is the highest quality you can get and is never a bad choice for a PSU.

    EDIT: Added links to the benchmarks.
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