What to do with the space on my ssd?

I bought a 60gb OCZ Agility III ssd yesterday and was going to use it as a boot drive, however I have things on my old 500gb hdd that I want to keep. I've downloaded all my drivers again and downloaded Steam onto the ssd, which may have been a mistake because i obviously can't fit all my games on a 60gb ssd along with the os. Now that i've downloaded some games onto the ssd through Steam, is there a way to set the other games from Steam that I want to download to go straight to my hdd instead of automatically downloading to the ssd or will I have to delete all the games, delete Steam, and reinstall everything Steam related onto the hard drive? Any recommendations or advice will be immensely helpful. Thanks!
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    you can install game to different drive but its very complicated. here is how to

    better option would be to move the entire steam folder. Here is how, don't have to uninstall
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