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Can I upgrade from a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 + to a X2 6000 using my existing MB?

MB Info
manufacturer Acer Model EM61SM/EM61PM Chipset NVIDIA MCP61 Southbridge NVIDIA MCP61

Seen some posts where the wattage supported by the MB may not be enough for the 6000.
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  1. You will be able to find that information on the manufacturer's site. Look up your computer model. If you do that and have trouble finding the information, send me the link and I will try to find it.
  2. I haven't had much luck finding the specifications for the MB. I've found where someone thought it was made my foxconn, even though it's an Acer PC. Acer on has, Processor AMD AM2 Athlon 64 x 2 or Athlon 64 or Sempron (socket 940). here's the link.
  3. Acer does not make motherboards. They get parts and put them together to make a computer. So it could very well be foxconn. Looks like you might be able to upgrade to a 6000+. The specs you found don't mention any limits on the models.
  4. Great thank you. The only issue I ever found researching this was the current CPU is set for 65 Watts where as the 6000 is 125 W. The 4800 uses 65 nm and the 6000 is 90 nm. the 4800 is a core of brisbane and the 6000 core is a windsor. I'm not sure if any of that matters.
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