What mid range graphics card?

Hi. I'm building a new PC in a few weeks or so and am trying to put a spec together. I can't make my mind up on the graphics card. Looking for about £500 in total for the PC.

AMD Phenom II 955 most likely with 4gb DDR 3 RAM, Antec Earthwatts 650 etc.

Mainly play Heroes 4 of Might and Magic, not much else at the moment, but will be looking to play Crysis and Star Trek Online, possibly some more FPS and strategy games. I bought Crysis, but haven't played it yet. Well tried it on my old Core 2 Duo laptop on an HD2600 mobility and it runs like a dog as expected. I have an Xbox 360 though so play most on that.

Is it worth getting a DX11 card as I barely have any PC games? I know the HD4890 seems more powerful than the HD5770. I was looking at the GTX260, but think ATI seem the way to go.

Any thoughts at all? :wahoo:
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  1. Oh forgot to add I play on a 20" 1600x900 monitor. So not super high res, but higher than normal 1280x1024.
  2. The HD5770 would be a good choice for that resolution.
  3. +1 for Jyjjy,
    dx 11 and you'll be able to play games at at least medium settings for a long while on that res.
  4. I think the 57xx vs 4890 decision depends on how long you want to keep the card. If its less than 1.5-2 years I would say 4890 is a better value. If its more I would say the 57xx series would be a better value.

    The GTX 260 would have been competitive with a 5770 in power but the prices have recently shot up---so I dont think it is anymore.

  5. It would be nice to play Crysis on High with AA and AF off. I never used to use them when I last had a games PC.

    I think my main issue is the 4890 is so close to the 5770 in price it makes it very tempting. I like the thought of the 5770 using less heat and power. I hear they overclock easily? I've never overclocked a card before, I think I read you just up the settings on the catalyst control panel?

    Difficult to say how long I'd want to keep the card for. I guess until I start struggling running games with fairly good settings. I suppose I could always crossfire another 5770 later on.....
  6. Yes--that is an excellent idea. Because the 57xx series are so new, you will still be able to get them in a year or so to crossfire. This wouldnt be a good idea with any older model cards.
  7. If you are considering crossfire later as you say then the HD5770 is a much better choice imo. 2 HD4890s would run extremely hot and power hungry in comparison.
    Also at your resolution I believe an HD5770 should do ok with Crysis on high without AA/AF.
  8. Sounds like the 5770 is the way to go. I've never considered crossfiring before but it sounds a good idea. I guess by the time I need to do it the 2nd card will be quite cheap to put in.

    Think I'll go with that as a plan then. Thanks guys!

    *Assuming prices etc don't all change by the time I order!!
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