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Hello there!

I have just bought a brand new pc and I am having some trouble to make it properly work.

I spent many money in buying a mother board which support sata 3 (Gigabyte p55a ud3) and a HD with this technology. Well, when I connect my HD to the SATA 3 slot in the mother board it will not be recognized, BUT it is fully recognized in the SATA 2 slots. My DVD unit isn't recognized in the SATA3 slot as well. (These slots are suposed to be also compatible with SATA and SATA2 devices). So I think that the problem is only in the SATA3 slots in the motherboard.

I don't know what to do next, could it be a power problem? I am using a 550W power source and I think it should be enough (I have only HD, DVD, and an ATI 4770 installed ).
Maybe there is some kind of option in the BIOS I should check? I have installed the drivers provided in the DVD that comes with the motherboard.

Thanks for your time, any good idea would help.
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  1. SATA3 is, at this point at least, totally useless. The 'physical' side of hard drives cannot (and will not, for years) produce a data stream that comes even close to 'pushing' the capabilities of SATA2, much less 3... So far as I am aware, there are only three SSDs that can read (not write!) at speeds 'into the realm' of SATA3 (NewEgg list), and two of them (the Crucials) have terminal firmware problems yet... The 'venerable' Intel SATA2 ICHs outperform the Marvell SATA3 controller hands down: Benchmark review

    For the time being, you are much better off leaving the Marvell off (disabled), and connecting everything elsewhere!

    That said, if you do feel you have to use it, in the BIOS -

    ...on the "Integrated Peripherals" page:
    "GSATA Controller" to "Enabled"
    "GSATA Ctrl Mode" to "IDE" (there appear to be problems with various OS using AHCI...)

    Your BIOS also contains an odd setting:
    "Turbo SATA3 / USB3.0" I say odd, as it has settings to enable PCIe lanes (which are in short supply to begin with on the 'P'/1156 platform, and is one of the reasons I recommend just not using it - don't have the PCIe lanes to 'waste') for the two '3' controllers, but has no setting to enable PCIe for both, unless it's, maybe, 'auto' - and I never trust 'auto' settings for 'new tech' stuff - in a year or two - maybe! Anyway, you might want to play with various settings here - but, be aware, if you have a x16 graphics card that can actually use sixteen lanes (5870, 5950, GTX470 or 480), enabling the '3' PCIe will 'bottleneck' your card down to x8...
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