Gaming Rig ~$1500


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games, games, and a couple more games.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I have a keyboard/mouse, monitor, case and Windows 7.


PARTS PREFERENCES: Reputable brands only

OVERCLOCKING: Nope, but I would like to use Crossfire


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I run multiple gaming clients and am considering adding a second monitor in the near future. I also do not need storage drives as all data is on a NAS device and backed up.

I'm building a new system for gaming. I often run multiple clients, sometimes instances of the same game and sometimes a couple at once. I am not really up-to-date on hardware tech.

I thought that the i7 would be best due to hyperthreading, but may be wrong. I am aiming for 6GB of memory, SSD, and Crossfire. This may not be the best way to get the performance I want which is why I would like some critique.

My budget may seem a little small but I do not need OS or case, so that helps a little. Here's what I was looking at.

Gigabyte P55-UD4P($170) or Asus P7P55D($150)
Core i7-920($290)
2x Intel X-25M ($260 ea.)
Windows 7 - $0 (Have it)
Corsair 6GB (3 x 2GB) TR3X6G1333C7 ($180)
PC Power & Cooling S75CF, ATX12V 2.2, 80-Plus Certified ($130)
2x ASUS EAH5770/2DIS/1GD5/V2 Radeon HD 5770 1GB - ($175 ea.)
Re-use Coolermaster Wavemaster case (System in it died a horrible death)

Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)
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  1. I don't see a data drive. You DO NOT want to be storing everything on SSDs. I recommend the Samsung Spinpoint F3.

    I really don't think the SSDs will help you at all. All it speeds up is how fast you load the games, not how fast they play. I'd recommend ditching them and upgrading the GPU to an HD 5850.

    What's your monitor resolution? If you're only using 1 monitor, you probably don't need Crossfire, and a 5850 would be cheaper.

    Refer to the thread "How to Ask for New Build Advice." The info we get from that is really helpful and/or critical.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I left the "How to Ask for Build Advice" thread open for reference and promptly failed to use it. I apologize for that.

    I keep data on a NAS device and back it up regularly. I don't really store anything on my computer.

    My monitor reolution is 1920x1200 and I am considering getting a second monitor for my multitude of games that I like to play simulateneously, mainly because some of the online games require farming with little to no attention.

    Now I'll try to fill in what I missed from the "How to" thread into the original post.
  3. I would still get a data drive, even if you don't keep much on it. SSDs can get bogged down really easily and don't handle constant rewriting all that great. And it won't cost much to get a small, reliable, fast drive.

    I still recommend ditching the SSDs for now. I don't think the huge premium is worth the decreased the loading times and not much else.

    And since you're obviously playing MMOs, disregard the 5850 comment. That'd be way too much GPU for what your doing. I would, however, not get two 5770s right now. Stick with one and Crossfire later if/when you get a secocnd monitor (or if you decide that it's not powerful enough).
  4. Thanks. I do play MMOs but I also play some FPSs and other games. Into Dragon Age atm plus I keep up with the Half-Life 2 series. It still may be overkill but I want to future-prrof if possible.

    I do have a broken Raptor 130GB(?) drive that is still under warranty. I may investigate getting that replaced for this if the SSDs aren't really worth the trouble.

    Thanks for the advice.
  5. Raptors are really not worth it. The F3s are just as fast as they are now. I'd still get it replaced (as long as you don't have to pay anything).

    Basically the argument is between the F3 (and substitute Seagate 7200.12) and SSDs. Nothing else should really enter the picture.
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