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Hello everyone,

Been reading a lot around tom´s hardware lately and I have got great advice from users.

Recently I have been suggested a Hyper 212 over a Corsair H100, because its equal in cooling, cheaper and safer.

But I live in a hot place in summer, so and since I´m going to spend a lot of my budget on this pc, I want to keep it cool as possible and therefore safer.

However I read a post somewhere that said closed loop coolers like the corsair had a leak probability of around 20%, is this information correct?

Also what is the best in price/ performance of the H100 , H70, H80?

Anyone here that has any of these coolers can give me some feedback?

Realy scared to go water cooled to then a leak from the cooler destroying all my parts....

Many Thanks!
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  1. Forgot to add:

    - Intel I5 2500k
    - GTX 560 Ti
    - Corsair 500W
    - 8G RAM
    - HAF 922
    - Z68 Motherboard
    -Windows 7 64 bit
  2. H70/H80/H100 isn't something most of us consider 'watercooling'...they are usually classified as a self-contained liquid cooler. I know that sounds like they should be the same and they do use the same concepts, but performance and build is nothing the same.

    If you are 'afraid of leaks' then you shouldn't be considering any kind of liquid/water cooling at all. That being said, I'd put 100% of my trust in a loop I designed and put together myself over any Corsair or Antec boxed cooler.

    When it comes down to it, neither air or any liquid cooler will cool any lower than your ambient room temperature, simple as that. Most good/great air coolers perform about as well as the H100 with fans set to medium or high, and are much louder at those levels. So, in essence, you can spend $100+ on an H100 or $60 on a great air cooler (or less) and achieve about the same cooling performance.
  3. Hello rubix_1011 , thanks for the reply,

    Well noise is not an issue but I'm going for a quiet system, so to be able to game without headphones, and the desktop is going to be near me so, being a bit quieter is very good.

    I'm not afraid of water leaking, but I've built a lot of freshwater aquariums with custom pump systems, and never had any problems, but on some closed loop coolers threads I've read, there are people claiming very high leaking probabilities, around 20%, so I was a bit concerned by that.

    I'l go for one of the H100/80/70, and make sure to seal all surfaces a bit better with aquarium equipment, is the Haf 922 big enough/good for any of these coolers, more precisely the H100?

    Many thanks for the reply!
  4. You shouldn't have to seal anything- they come from the factory sealed. If not, you need to RMA and get a new one.

    Any case will work that has 2x120mm fans next to one another, but you might want to measure the mount/fan spacing. Sorry- not able to Google the case/info right not to validate.
  5. +1 to rubix.h100 and hxx are crap IMO.let's take h100 for example,you spend $100+ on a 'fake' liquid cooler.but still-
    stock fans are need to spend another 20 bucks to buy a couple of good fans.
    a high end aircooler beats it.
    other issues,for example-
    better go with a good aircooler,Hyper 612 pwm for $50 is a great cooler-
    here's a detailed review-
    there are some other good coolers like noctua D14,silver arrow,phentek etc.
  6. Sorry everyone for the late post,

    hellfire24, will read those articles, and check out the coolers you suggested.

    Many thanks rubix and hellfire.
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