Found Dell XPS GEN 5 at rec. center...worthwhile to mess with???

I presently am using a system that I built a few years ago for gaming...Its getting up there in age but is strong enough for a few more years I hope. Our town has a Computer recycling center in wich to day I came across a Dell XPS Gen 5 PC. Whoever had took excellent care of it...The case Actually looks like its brand new..Of course they removed most of the inside goodies...I enjoy hunting around for hardware for these pc's that I find people just throwing away...

From what I gather as far as info I found tonight, it seemed to be a pretty strong unit in the day.

They actually took the cpu out so I dont know if the board is fried or not..But it seems like a fun project to hunt for parts for.

Just wondering what some other opinions are as to if its even worth fiddling with..that is if I am patient enough to get really good prices on the guts. I think thats half the fun
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  1. Old computers are always worth fiddling worth but are never worth spending money on.

    That computer is not actually that old. Here are the specs:

    It certainly is not obsolete or all that old. Core 2 based processor, socket 775, DDR2 memory, PCI express 16x expansion slot. The only thing you might have trouble with is a modern CPU. The motherboard might not be able to support it even if it is socket 775.
  2. You are right on...I only wish they would have left the CPU...if you have any suggestions of one that might make a good match...please let me know...I did some research but have been out of the loop on all this for a little while...I came across one on another forum that said it was the max I can use but I dont have it in front of me at the moment...Tom. ill post it...see what you think...Thanks a lot for the response ...any other info on it would be great...I did run the tag # thru Dell also seems like these ran for about...$3999.00 in 05"...unreal !!
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