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What's the best way to clone a dell hard drive. I'm upgrading the soon to fail hard drive in my dell from a 20gig to a 300gig and need the best way of cloning the old hard to the new one. My current hard drive has 3 partitions, dell utility, recovery partition, and an xp partition. I need to clone it in a way so I can still use the recovery partition is case I ever need to reinstall windows. I know it's on older dell but I need it for older games that wont work on vista or 7. I was thinking of maybe using Ultimate Boot CD for this.
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  1. actually all you need is Clonezilla. it will do precisely what you are asking.
  2. Thanks I'll try clonezilla. I'm upgrading the ram also, will it hurt to use faster ram than my motherboards supports. My motherboard only supports ddr2 pc3200 and ddr2 pc4300 and it's hard to find.
  3. its okay to use faster ram. just dont use slower ram :)
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